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Crystal Villatoro

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"a project in the works for a few years"

  "Some Days" is a collaboration between Director Tim Moore and Director Jared Hogan. The project dates back to late 2015 when Tim became connected to Ira Wolf via email. Ever since, Tim and Ira have been brainstorming the concept and execution of the music video. At times the project would go to rest as Ira would commence another tour or as Tim would travel for work. With the release of Ira's latest album, the summer of 2017 seemed to fit the timeline of execution well.

  Sardis Creative understands the importance that every project must cater to that specific client; no matter how small or large. That's why it was vital that the Director and Director of Photography had to be a suitable fit for the style and tone of the video. Teaming up Tim Moore with Jared Hogan was a crucial pillar for the end product. It was also important to Sardis Creative that the community around them could, given the opportunity, contribute to the creation of the video. In the end, all sorts of professions were represented on set. People who were either interested in film production or simply wanted to support local art on a large scale. The crew consisted of bartenders, an event coordinator, a florist, basketball coach, local alderman, airline stewardess, entrepreneurs, coffee roasters, furniture builders, cooks, and the list goes on! The entire production was truly inspirational to be a part of.