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Untouch Cover Photo.jpg




untouch // an expression by timothy van niekerk

Muddy water is better left untouched.

  Untouch is a short film that encompasses a journey entangled through the movement and expression of seeking liberation. Not just any kind of liberation - liberation from self introspection. Inward and outward expression and projection of it’s artistic manifestation, the viewer is woven along this daydream and pulled through a very fast sequence of flashbacks and imaginative explorations. Displaying the constant misplacement of emphasis in this society, it's extrusions and manifestations, Untouch portrays a strong suggestion of the abandonment of ego-driven and westernized, isolatory quests conveying the inevitable wave and cycle of destruction and self destruction therein.

  The project stemmed from after-hour creative hangouts between Timothy Van Niekerk, Tim Moore and Chino Villatoro. Over the coarse of many weeks, the short film began to take a shape of its own. Timothy Van Niekerk ran with the concept and took lead for the film. We were privileged to have a small part in the filming process and in helping to achieve Tim's vision.

Director - Timothy van Niekerk
Starring - Allison van Niekerk, Keegan Smith
Director of Photography - Tim Moore, Timothy van Niekerk, Chino Villatoro
Editor/vfx/composition - Timothy van Niekerk
Sound Design - Timothy van Niekerk
Hair & Makeup - Crystal Villatoro 

Produced By - Daydreamer's Nightclub

Shot with RED Dragon and Canon 5D MKIII Magic Lantern

Volcano eruption shot - James Reynolds (Earth Uncut)